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Published | 27/08/2021

O Level Results

By Takudzwa Neshena | 3 COMMENTS

Chibi high has been having quality results at ordinary level and has had many successful learners with the record so far being 13 A's. The learners are always focused and strive for the best. We have recorded many successful students at O Level and we know that they all aim high becuase they will want to come back for Form 5.

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Published | 27/08/2021

A Level Results

By Tinotenda Chimenya | 3 COMMENTS

As for our Advanced Level we don't have words as they have been keeping the 100% pass rate for so many years. So far the highest record being 25 points we are looking for huge records and to keep the Chibi High flag flying high. Most of our students do more than 3 subjects and always scoop their points in full. So far we expect more as more learning resources are being provided so as to help maintain the record.

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Published | 27/12/2021

Chibi Does It Again In Sports

By Victor Makazhu | 3 COMMENTS

Sports is our tradition, we have dominated the whole of Zimbabwe in discplines like Soccer, Volleyball and Netball. The school is the one holding the record for Vollyeball under 17 and we know we are going to keep it for more years. The Covid pandemic has adversely affected the way our sports are handled due to restrictions and measures such as social distancing so as to overcome the pandemic but we expect to get back as soon as the pandemic is gone.

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